Membership Committee April Meeting Highlights
The Committee consists of Cole Fulton, Bruce Dumouchelle, Chris Daman, Phil James, Sandra Dunn, John Lidster, and Rob Mason.
Meeting Discussion Points
  • Proposed initiation rate from $2,500 to $4,000.
  • Committee will establish plan for Intermediate Initiation fee.
  • Discuss Principal Restricted category
  • Student Sponsored category
  • Eliminate both Juvenile categories, create just two junior categories for all ages.
  • Restrict Junior access to the practice range.
  • Spousal Promotion 50% of principal dues.
  • Should Young Adults have tee time restrictions?
  • Weigh tee times in favour of full principal members.
  • Reduce member categories.
Policy Review:
The Committee reviewed policies 140-40.0-00, 140-00.0-00 and 140-12-0-00.
Membership Committee May Meeting Highlights

Tracking of play for members in restricted rounds category.
Weigh tee times in favour of full principal members. This will be communicated to the membership.
Committee established a proposal for initiation policy.
Discussion regarding wait list for Principal members family
Committee has agreed more time is needed to recommend a restructuring of membership categories. Proposed restructuring to be presented for June Board meeting.

Membership Committee June 2021
  • Tracking of play for members in restricted rounds category.
“X” number of days on the golf course vs. current
  • Waiting list for Junior / Juvenile associated members.   
  • Exploring, via case study, on how to grow our corporate membership, via a target market.
  • Discussed membership restructuring, exploring via case study, prior to next meeting on comparable courses locally and their current structure.
Policy Review
The Committee reviewed policies 140-40.0-00. 140-00.0-00 and 140-12-0-00.

Membership Committee Summary July 2021

Presentation of proposed changes to categories and fees including:
  • Anyone who has paid initiation in full, and has resigned from the Club, may re-join the Club for 20% of the existing Initiation fee, plus applicable tax.
  • Eliminate the trial period for initiation.
  • Payment plans for Initiation include 1) pay initiation in full upon joining 2) pay initiation over 3 years with annual payment due by April 1 each season. A promissory note will be signed by members paying initiation fees through a payment plan.
  • Spouse pays 20% of current Initiation fee.
  • Plan for initiation requirements for Intermediate and Young Adult members transitioning into principal membership.
140-41.0-00 Approved Membership Base Rates
  • Revise payment plans A, B, C, D.
  • Revise credit card policy for dues payments.
140-00.0-00 General Definitions and Categories
Proposed changes:
  • Social Non- Resident Category
  • Sponsored Junior’s new requirements.
  • Juvenile Associated Category.
  • “Qualified Junior” is defined in the relevant policy.
  • Student Sponsored Category.  
  • Young Adult category restricted via weighted tee time allocation through Jonas Golf System.
  • Spousal Non-Resident Category.
Other Proposed Changes:
  • Spousal Promotion allows the spouse of a principal member to join for a % of the current principal dues for one time only, the person has never been a golf member at the Club, and is subject to house minimum requirements, assessments, and other associated fees. Must pay initiation in November of that year for the following season.
  • Principal Restricted membership.
  • Principal Non - Resident members fees.
  • Proposed Categories reduced to approximately 12.
  • Principal and principal spouse take precedent over all other categories, and targets for those categories may be increased, if the total number of playing members does not exceed the proposed maximum number.
Fall Promotion
Fall promotion for full principal members.