Wednesday March 17, 2021 @ 3:00 via Zoom
 Karen Dennis Perry Chair, Jim Hamilton, Jill Jones, Phil Goodwin, Christine Ryckman,
 Sharon Keenan, Kim Fox, Blaine Tye, Rob Mason, Steve Perlman,
Update New Furniture
Furniture has been ordered (chairs, couch, tables, umbrellas)
Flower garden to be removed so tables can be set up.
Menu Update
New entrée menu, this menu will be updated spring, summer, fall.
Bistro menu will still be available Friday and Saturday.
Event Schedule
Event schedule is complete (Covid may require some changes)
Management Plan
New Elevated Menu
Qualified Team Member
Replace Equipment
New Outdoor Space
Interior Furniture
Replace Equipment
Semi- Permanent Serving Area on Course
Staff Training – Steve to train staff on March 27th, additional training will be provided as required.
Uniforms – Steve has ordered new shirts, pants, skorts, shoes etc..
Live Music – live music is being considered for some of our events, each event will be considered individually, covid may have an impact on this.
Next Meeting – April 21, 2021 at 5:30 pm

May 2021

Reviewed Management Plan – all plans are in progress, but most cannot be completed until indoor dining and patio service is available.
Goals for Food Beverage is around making the Club more of a culinary destination where members want to dine and bring guests.  This includes our special events.
New Hall of Fame chairs options for fabric and stain were discussed. 

House Committee June 2021

Feedback on the patio furniture and service.
Cloth napkins vs the paper (this was implemented due to COVID-19) will be used once all paper napkins are used up.
Honeybees. In the fall, we will be looking to find someone interested in having hives on property again.
Patio safety. No carts will be allowed between deck and patio tables.  Gate and chain will be set across entrance from 18th hole, and parking lot. 
Policy Review
Reviewed Policies, Event Gratuity and Surcharge Policy, Cannabis & Alcohol Policy, and Dress Code Policy.

June 28, 2021:

The committee met with each of the club’s operations management team; specifically, Rob Mason-General Manager, Wade Beaudoin, Golf Superintendent. Blaine Tye, Executive Chef, and Tim Moore, Club Professional. 
The chair also shared with the committee three other Club member surveys for information along with copies of our club’s surveys for the past two years. These surveys were for review and will be discussed at future meetings.
Committee members in attendance: Dave Noad and Elizabeth Grasby (Bill Brown absent).

July 23, 2021:

The committee reviewed the Pro’s “Learning Center” proposal (requested by the committee at its previous meeting). Will investigate renting the software and equipment needed to make the proposal more financially viable for a potential trial this coming winter.
The chair provided the committee members with summaries of relevant questions for consideration from the 3 member surveys from other clubs. This was for information - the design of our club’s survey will be discussed at a fall meeting.
The committee reviewed the chair’s summary of the previous meeting and approved recommendations to the board for the upcoming July board meeting.
Other long range planning suggestions were made and will be discussed at future meetings.  Committee members in attendance: Bill Brown, Dave Noad, and Elizabeth Grasby.

House Committee Summary

Feedback on the patio furniture and service.
Rob and Jeff are looking into the cost to have cushions for the patio chairs.  A sample is available which is the same material as the lounge cushions
There was a shortage of some food and beverage items due to the transition from Steve to Jeff, which is now resolved.
Continue to look at ways to improve our service and to communicate this to the membership
Chuck Magri is interested in putting honey- bee hives on the property in the spring.
Policy Review:
Reviewed Policies – Event Gratuity and Surcharge Policy, Private Liquor Restrictions, Taxi Service, Hole in One Policy
Event Gratuity & Surcharge – Added a definition of Special Event
Reviewed the statement for alcohol as a prize.  Based on discussion the intent of not allowing alcohol as a prize is to ensure that this alcohol is not consumed on the premises.        
No changes were made to Private Liquor Restrictions, Taxi Services, Hole in One policies.