HR Committee Meeting Highlights April 2021
The following activities are ongoing with respect to performance evaluations:
  • Assessment/evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of performance management systems – currently underway;
  • In consultation with the Board, the Performance Evaluation Toolkit used to measure the performance of the General Manager will be evaluated and revised, if required; and
  • Timing for the General Manager’s annual performance evaluation will be confirmed shortly.  
Policy Review:
In the coming months, the HR Committee, together with the General Manager, will undertake a review of employment agreements, employee handbooks, and employment policies.  An annual review of policies, procedures and training will ensure compliance with the latest statutory revisions and judicial decisions.  The review includes, but is not limited to, a review of policies, procedures, and training to reduce corporate risk. 
STGCC is required by law to have the following workplace policies:
  • Accessibility Policy;
  • Pay Equity Plan (>10 employees);
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy; and
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy.
A review of the above-noted policies will be prioritized, along with a review of current training to ensure the following mandatory training is provided to STGCC staff:
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act training;
  • Harassment prevention and training;
  • Health and Safety prevention and training; and
  • Violence prevention and training.
HR Committee Meeting Highlights May 2021
The HR Committee, together with the General Manager (GM), will ensure policies, procedures, and training plans are up-to-date and comply with legislated requirements. A comprehensive review of STGCC’s organizational structure, pay equity plans / compensation plan, employee handbooks, compensation policy, etc., have not been reviewed in a few years.   

HR Committee June 2021
Review of Organizational Structure, Design, and Compensation
  • Development of a Staff Engagement Survey, in consultation with the General Manager and Superintendent
  • Supported 2-step interview process - Food and Beverage Manager position; and
  • Drafted offer letter for the incumbent, in consultation with the General Manager.
Review of Policies and Procedures
  • Health and Safety training plans reviewed.
  • Additional policy review – ongoing (timelines remain flexible)
General Manager Performance Review
  • Draft self-assessment submitted to Board President for review and approval.
  • Process delayed by 2-weeks due to competing priorities including, but not limited to, recruitment efforts.  It is expected that the review will be completed by the end of July 2021.