Course Conditions October 2021

The weather continues to batter the golf course through October. Excessive rain continued to hamper maintenance efforts as the golf course reached total saturation multiples times. Once this occurs maintenance efforts halt, traffic begins to compact soils and play occurs in sloppy conditions. Despite our best efforts, playability was at times hampered by lack of maintenance. The golf course was closed for a couple of days and power cart usage was decreased.
In addition to the day-to-day issues, the most recent rain on October 15 and 16 delivered 4.4” of rain to our property. The following deficiencies occurred during this rain;
  1. All bunkers washed out
  2. Mud slide on 14 adjacent to the cart path down the hill
  3. Creek bank washout rear of 15th creek
  4. Erosion on 18 pond bank
  5. Collapsed bunker face on 4th hole
  6. Obstruction in pipe draining main pond into creek on 15th hole. The pipe is still flowing at reduced capacity.
  7. Catch basin washout adjacent to 9 blue tee.
Rain fall total for September was 249.94ml (10”) and with 11 days remaining in October we have currently received 197.61ml (7.9”). Since June 28 we have received 903.75ml (36.15”).
Green Committee
No meeting was conducted in October.
Irrigation System
The irrigation system was blown out for the season on October 18 and 19, 2021.
The approved paving was completed by Middlesex Paving on October 19 and 20.